Thursday, July 2, 2009

the lazy-ish cook: best ever simple tomato sauce

I recently made a simple tomato sauce.  And by simple, I mean that it has 4 ingredients and is ridiculously easy to make.  Olive oil, campari tomatoes, fresh parsley and fresh basil.  I can't think of a better tomato sauce.

I made it recently for dinner, and it was simply spectacular.  I made the sauce, then tossed it with gnocchi and topped it with freshly grated parmesean.  On Sunday, I made it to accompany some spinach-mozzerella ravioli (the first course of a 3-course dinner I made for my parents and uncle).  The leftovers from Sunday's sauce are in my fridge as we speak, and I plan to toss it with orzo and serve it with basalmic roasted baby eggplant and asparagus for dinner tonight.

This sauce is versatile and incredibly easy.  And like many of the best dishes, it's unfussy and showcases the exquisite, fresh flavors of the natural foods.

And if your fresh parsley and basil happen to come from your own garden, like mine did, that much the better. :)

So, the sauce.  Quarter campari tomatoes (as much as you want; My rough estimate is 3-4 per person).  Coarsely chop fresh parsley and fresh basil to taste (I used a lot, but then again it's 
free since I'm growing my own).

Heat olive oil (1-2 turns of the pan) in a saucepan or deep skillet over medium heat.  When it's warm, add tomatoes.  Let them simmer until they become "saucey", about 15-20 minutes.  Towards the end of the cooking, throw in the herbs and stir until they wilt, but don't overcook.

You could add salt, pepper or lemon juice to the sauce if you're so inclined, but I was happy with it as is.

Serve with your favorite pasta and enjoy!