Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm having a love affair...

...with Sunshine Burgers.  I have been really into these patties of goodness recently.  The taste, the texture, the purity, oh my.  For the sake of perspective, I will admit that as far as love affairs go, this one is not spectacular.  But as far as healthy, easy food goes, however, these burgers are amazing, and I am indeed having a love affair with Sunshine Burgers.

Yesterday, I had a Sunshine Burger for lunch on a toasted english muffin smeared with somewhat overripe avocado and dijon mustard.  That sandwich is definitely in my top-5 of all time now.  In the past, I have also topped them with caramelized onions and Spanish goat cheese, which was a big hit.  My young cello student's mother (who introduced me to these burgers) serves them on millet rolls with more traditional burger toppings.  But honestly, these are so good, they don't need to be dressed up very much.  I guess that's another thing that makes them so ideal: they stand alone well but are also excellent foundations for more elaborate and adventurous creations.

If you check out the website, you will see that there are several different varieties of Sunshine Burgers.  I have only purchased the original and garden herb varieties, and I liked them both.  My mom, however, made me one at her house that I thought was kind of gross (sorry, Mom).  Unfortunately, I can't give you adequate cautionary information because she threw away the box and forgot which ones she had purchased.  I'm guessing it was the Southwest one, but I could be wrong.  

Anyway, below is a picture of the package.  The word blocked by the glare (sorry I didn't notice it before) is "vegan".  I also took a picture of the ingredients, because you should be really, really impressed by them.  Notice how pure and simple it is.  No chemicals!  I usually cook them in a skillet, though it generally doesn't take as long as the box indicates.   Enjoy!


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Karen said...

OK, so you have convinced me to try them. I have been curious, because I really want to make some major diet changes.