Thursday, March 3, 2011

Magnificent Gent

I've been in Gent for almost 6 months. I love it here.

It was something I didn't fully realize for awhile, but now I am totally bummed out every time I think about leaving (though I have about 4 months left). I love the friends I have here, I am so thankful to have found a good church to be involved with, I love all the little specialty shops and bakeries, I love all the amazing art, architecture and history, I love my gym, I love how clean and quiet everything is...I just love my life here! And who could grow tired of walking past this view almost every day?

I'd like to detail the simple joys of life in Gent in the future, but tonight I just wanted to share that picture with you. I took it on Saturday as I did my weekly exploring and shopping.

God really does give me immeasurably more than all I could ask or imagine.

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