Sunday, January 4, 2009

pickled hair, hope and a video

today definitely did not go as planned, and I'm pretty bummed about it.  and annoyed.  and disappointed.  plus I just did a vinegar rinse on my hair and I smell like a pickle, so I may have to shower again. sigh.  the internet told me that the smell would fade quickly.  lies!

but there's always tomorrow, and hopefully things will be better.  I'm thinking church, lunch with family, helping my mom around her house a little bit, a costco run and... a pedicure and yogaberry!  Now that is a day to look forward to.

Actually, the initial reason for my post was to share this.  Enjoy. 


Beth said...

BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE that commercial! And I hope your hair smells better.

C. GeeRoo said...

HAHAHAHA!!! looove that commercial :) ooh vinegar rinse-- what is that supposed to do?