Monday, January 12, 2009

Update: the LORD is merciful and gracious.

In the post titled "Lessons (re)learned", I shared how the application process to doctoral programs has been so stressful and disappointing for me so far.  God has really used my experiences to show me my lack of faith and the magnitude of my control issues.  Even though it was difficult, I am ultimately thankful because even in the midst of great disappointment and sometimes despair, He got me to the point where I could still praise Him, be thankful, and rest knowing that He cares for me.

And now God has done something even bigger and greater.  The one rejection letter I got is the only one.  I am invited everywhere else!  Yesterday when I got the email from the school where I felt my chances were the slimmest, I was totally stunned.  This particular school had very stringent requirements for the 1st round recording, and I had failed to meet their requirements almost completely.  And yet, I'm invited.  God is so merciful (and I'm not going to lie, it was definitely a little confidence boost as well!).  Of course, this is just to audition and doesn't mean at all that I will ultimately get in.  And I have never been to this school and have never played for the teacher-- it might not be a good match anyway.  But this is just another example of God's love and mercy in action.  He is so good and able to do what I think is impossible!

PLEASE PRAY FOR MY WRIST (if you're one of my praying friends).  I had to perform Crumb sonata yesterday and definitely stressed my left wrist out practicing for it.  I am having significant pain from time to time, and usually wear a wrist brace when I'm not playing.  I'm also using heat and ice, icyhot, and so much ibuprofen that my next post will probably be a prayer request for my liver!  I have such a short time before auditions that I can't afford to take time off so I really need some healing action here.  Thanks for your prayers!

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